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      A different experience

      If you are looking to know what life is really like in this city, visit its corners and explore its nooks and crannies, then you have found the company to do it.


      The spirit of Passion Dubai Tours is to guide visitors through the different hidden places of this country and also offer a perspective of cultural, architectural and gastronomic richness. Let us show you the grandeur that Dubai is known for around the world.


      The curious, adventurous spirit and passion to show what we are discovering about this great country, led us several years ago to launch this tourist " boutique". Now it is the desert, the skyscrapers, the souks, the rich Arab gastronomy, etc., that will allow us to surprise you.


      We want the visitor to turn their trip to Dubai and other Emirates into a unique and contrasting experience.


      Dubai is much more than record-breaking skyscrapers and endless shopping malls. Dubai, with more than 100 different nationalities, has a rich history that is tried to preserve through different programs of preservation of the historical heritage and is rapidly becoming a global center of art, a multicultural culinary destination and an international reference in the world of business, technology and fashion.



      Dubai is Trendy

      • Great hotel offer: luxurious hotels, modern Arab style, in the desert.


      • The best Spas and varied treatments.


      • The tallest buildings.


      • The largest " Malls " in the world.


      • The most multicultural gastronomic offer: Emirati, Iranian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, European, American, Australian, etc., etc.


      • Extensive beaches and crystal clear water.


      • Sports of all kinds and risks: water, land and air.


      • Adventure in the Desert.


      • Sun all year.


      • Great sales at various times of the year.


      • Kids will love it: water parks, zoos, theme parks and much more.